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                                   Fitness Assessment and Program Design

Helping you relax - repair - recharge

Choose to have periodic assessments and manage your own fitness program, or receive the on-going support of a personal trainer on a regular basis. Whatever your preference, the first place to start is to clarify your fitness needs and design a flexible practical and achievable fitness program. 

Express Program (strictly for the experienced)

An express program/consultation takes around 15min and is available for the experienced, time- poor person looking for a quick workout that delivers results in a short gym routine. (A pre-exercise readiness questionnaire is required for this program).


Basic Assessment and Program

In consultation with our Personal Trainer, we will develop a program that meets your individual lifestyle, schedule and achieves your fitness goals. During your confidential 30 min consultation, an understanding of your current fitness level, medical history, fitness goals and training preferences will be established. This enables us to build a profile about you so we can create an effective program to suit your individual needs. Your consultation includes:

  •     Establishing fitness goals
  •     Resting heart rate
  •     Blood pressure
  •     Girth measurements (waist and hip)
  •     Flexibility aerobic capacity
  •     Muscular strength and endurance


Full Assessment and Program

A complete assessment with our Personal Trainer is the most comprehensive beginning to your program and getting you on your way to achieving great results!  Your trainer will design a personalised program aimed at achieving your goals  by focusing on your individual needs through evaluation of  the following areas

  •     Advanced Health Check
  •     Body Composition Measurement
  •     Body Circumference Measurements
  •     Posture Analysis
  •     Comparative Range of Motion Assessment
  •     Core Function Assessment
  •     Functional Movement Pattern Assessments
  •     Aerobic Fitness Test
  •     Muscular Strength/Muscular Endurance Test
  •     Physiological Load Assessment
  •     Goal Setting
  •     Diet and nutritional consultation (and advice if required)





30 min

Basic Assessment and Program


30 min

Follow-up Program


1 hr

Full Assessment and Program


1.5hr Full Assessment and Program - couple            $145
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