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  Strength Training

Helping you relax - repair - recharge

Our gym-cardio suite has a range of gear to suite all gym users from the very beginner to the more experienced. 

The gym houses two fitness bench, a multi bench press together with a full range of  dumbbells and grip weights, ab wheels and punching bag, as well as the latest range of Impulse weights operated strength-training equipment including a Pec Dec, Chest Press, Leg Press,  Leg curl,  Lat Pull Down, Seated Row, Ab Station, Preachers Bench, Vertical Knee Raiser and Dip Frame, Boxing Bag, Speed Ball.

kettle bells 4 - 24kg, dumbbells 1 - 30kg, medicine balls  2-7kg, Bench Press, Multi-press Rack Combo, pin and weights 1.25- 25kg and standard & Olympic bars.

A very versatile Multi Functional Trainer that is great for working the body in a standing position with many upper body, core and lower body exercises, as well as a huge range of transverse plane, rotational exercises like the Russian twist, wood chop, reverse wood chop and judo throw.We really do cater for all your weigh training needs!

Come in and try out our comfortable and very private boutique gym-cardio suite.

Casual Rates
Concession: 11.00
Adults: 13.00

Multi-passes and membership are also available and are our cheapest options!

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